Friday, June 26, 2009

Steps involved in remortgage

If you are confused with the steps involved in remortgage, then the following post in which I have tried to summarize the entire remortgage process in five steps will certainly help you.
  1. Choose a mortgage lender who provides a better rate than the existing mortgage lender.
  2. The new lender will perform an evaluation on the property and decides whether he can lend on the property.
  3. You have to submit a written application to both the new lender as well as the old lender requesting for a change of dealers.
  4. A group of solicitors will carry out the conveyancing work. A report will be send by the solicitors to the new lender.
  5. Then the new lender releases the mortgage funds and the solicitors makes sure that the old lender is properly repaid.

Remortgage rates June 2009

The mortgage rates in June 2009 continue to drop considerably because of the prolonged economic recession. There are several independent agents like John Charcol who can help us choose and arrange mortgage. Before chosing the remortgage agents you must make sure that they are well trained to negotiate with the lenders and Liaising with surveyors. There are some advisors who can arrange you mortgage related insurance. So, be careful in chosing the mortgage agents.

I got help from John Charcol in choosing the right mortgage for me. With fall in mortgage rates, this is the best time to get remortgage. This can help you to save lot of money and use the saved money to consolidate your debt.

You can get free consulatation from several independent agents like Charcol. Try to choose the independent agent who charges the lowest fee. Charcol charges 0.63 percent of the amount that you have borrowed from the lender.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Remortgaging advantages

So, what makes remortgaging so attractive? Well, the main reason is that people can save money with remortgaging. The mortgage rates have dropped because of the economic crunch and therefore remortgage has become a huge success among the UK people. There are thousands of UK people who have saved thousands of dollars because of remortgaging.

Also, you can increase your mortgage with the increase in your home value. This extra money will be helpful to you during the hard times. The money you make by releasing your home equity can help you to consolidate debts.